C: 415 409 8921
License #:01171574

Greg Kelisky

Sr. Vice President

With twenty-five years in the real estate business, I have developed skills in negotiation and sales that help me deliver excellent service to both buyers and sellers, always placing my clients' interests first. 

As a native San Franciscan, I have broad knowledge of the City, even as it changes. Product knowledge is a large part of this business, and I make a point to stay on top of new developments and changes in ownership. I like to stroll down to a new building and familiarize myself with the opportunities there, and get to know the builder, the owner. 
Ultimately, this business is about people. Each client is unique and comes with specific needs and requirements, along with hopes and dreams. In any transaction, there is so much information to process and so many emotions that can arise as a result. I have learned to listen carefully and to leverage my knowledge and experience to exploit opportunities and find value for my clients. 

My primary focus has been investment properties and commercial opportunities for development. I specialize in all aspects of commercial sales, with a solid background in real estate lending. And again, it's about people. Sometimes a special paint job or an artfully remodeled kitchen will be the difference in taking a property to a higher price point. Over the years, I have compiled a database of sub-contractors who I can call on for those key upgrades. 

When I first started in this industry, I worked the toughest deals, as that was the only work I could find. Now after many years, I have refined my professional services, becoming the resource my clients can trust and refer with confidence to family and friends. 

I truly love what I do.